Hardwood Floors

Many households these days are investing in beautiful hardwood floors. From exotic & expensive, to Do-it-Yourself snap-in floating systems.

Typically, this is not only your most expensive finish building material, but the “softest” and most easily damaged as well. It doesn’t take an accident to create scratches & impressions in the floor. Normal daily usage will create wear & tear effects on high traffic paths. Bathrooms and kitchens acquire damage in front of sinks and toilets, dining areas show scuff marks from chairs sliding in-out around the table. The first few feet of an entrance will normally acquire the most damage from people & pets tracking in debris from outside!

A hardwood refinish is costly and time-consuming, usually only scheduled when damage reaches a point justifying the procedure. Regular cleaning and maintenance with special attention given to preserving your floors (sealer) will keep your floors looking pristine with an inviting luster that you will appreciate every time you & guests enter your home!